Habitat Walk-In Closet

Habitat is a system Bookcase, Bookshelf, Walk-in Closet, Wardrobe and Freestanding Carabottini modules hat can be arranged in single pieces or mixed solutions. It is available in depths of 33.6, 51.6, 59.2 and 61.5 cm, 8 widths and 4 heights, Habitat allows you to create the same open container model composition, with or without backs, models closed by a door. It is also suitable for bedrooms and for library case in the living room.
The extreme flexibility of the system leaves it open to original possibilities.
Habitat can be integrated into the Riguardaroba wardrobe.

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Walk-in Closet.

Habitat is a homogenous unit with strong character that takes different shapes and settings.

A modular system designed to create Bookcases, Shelving, Cabinets, and Wardrobes.

Adding a few objects that make it functional and characterize the settings allows Habitat to adopt different values and personalities.

Habitat allows to create within the same composition open storage modules, with ore without back panels or closed by doors, to fit any room of the home environment.

Habitat, therefore, with extreme flexibility adapts to multiple and original design possibilities.

Ideal solutions for a studio apartment, special attic solution, originality in the kitchen, essential for a store, rational mood for the home gym, useful for a walk-in closet solution.