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The inspiration for this project transpired from the classic shape of the IPE beam. From the beginning – to the middle of the 1800s – the “double T” beam became an iconic structure of metal construction and, in general, the staple

of modern buildings in its time. Architect Canale captures the essence of the form and, interpreting the “Naturality” theme of Pavilion 1, The Italian Stone Theater, with a version in natural stone. The idea is to give back this role back to the natural stone building materials, and not just of decoration or coating. A message that goes towards the enhancement of marbles, granites and other beautiful natural stones that, by their nature, can be applied to a variety

of project type. The bar counter and American table modules are presented in the exhibition; the “Natural Beam” project by BiancoBianco is also developed in various types of seats, consoles and coffee tables.